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    Video releasing 4/4 at 5pm PST (Upload Delay)

Welcome to Day 1 of the 4-Week Fit-Challenge! We're kicking off week 1 with a BRAND NEW 20 minute full body strength workout! This workout requires no equipment and it is made for all fitness levels.


One of the best ways to build strength is to create "time under tension" by doing each movement slow and controlled. This will help increase muscle engagement and stability which will allow for better strength gains over time. If you find that some movements are too difficult, feel free to follow Toya for modifications. If you want to enhance the workout, you're also welcome to add weights where you can using dumbbells, kettlebells, weight vest etc.


Knock out this workout today and let us know how you did in the comments. Remember that this week is all about building consistency, so let's start off week 1 strong! 



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For today's workout, we're going to get the heart rate up with one of our original HIIT workouts! We're taking you through 20 minutes of full body interval training that WILL work up a sweat. You don't need any equipment for this workout and we have two different modifications for advanced and beginners. 


Be sure to warm up before this workout and go as hard as you can during each interval. Know that every set counts so make sure you make this 20 minutes as efficient as possible. Drop a comment under the video and let us know what the hardest exercise was for you! 




We're kicking off the first humpday of the challenge with a quick cardio flow to get the heart rate up and challenge your endurance! This workout is only 15 minutes but we're going to get a lot done in a very short time frame. We're taking a step away from strength based exercises to give your body a different tempo of movements that will increase muscular endurance and it will help to reduce any soreness that you may feel from the previous two workouts. If you feel great following this workout, feel free to do it again for a 30 minute session. 

Give it everything you have and know that it's always okay to pause or fall to the modifications if needed. This workout will give you a solid baseline of what your endurance levels are like so comment how you did during this workout---no judgement. We're all here to make each other better!



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With all of the hard work through the last three days, we are going to spend time today focusing on recovery. This quick full body warm up stretch can be beneficial before workouts, after workouts, and even for a recovery day like today. Know that your recovery time is just as important as your workouts and nutrition. So, make sure you're getting in some sort of stretching daily to get the most out of every workout. Drop a comment or share a photo (on IG) to let us know what stretch was the most beneficial for you! 



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It's Friday, so we're ending the week with a full body challenge! Today's challenge is a 15 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) workout that will test your overall strength and conditioning. This workout is split into upper, lower and core groups which you will perform in a circuit for 5 minute rounds. The point of this session is to go as fast as you can to complete as many full sets as possible. Some of the movements may be a bit too difficult, so we have you covered with some modifications so that everyone can get the most out of this workout. 

Finish the week strong with this workout and be sure to comment how may sets you were able to complete for each group. Also, find someone else in the comments to encourage or share your workout experience with!





Congrats on making it through a solid week of intense workouts! Today is an active recovery day with an optional strength workout if you want to get in a 5th day of training. We recommend doing some low impact exercise to increase circulation and reduce muscle tension or soreness. This type of exercise can be a 20-30 minute outdoor walk, bike ride, swim, jog, yoga, etc. 


Alternatively, if you have sliders or some old towels and a smooth surface, you can also join us for a 20 minute low impact slider workout. This workout requires no additional equipment because the sliders will provide a different form of resistance that will help elevate your standard bodyweight movements. No matter what you choose to do, be sure to drop a comment or tag us with what you decided to do for an active recovery day! 



(End Of Week Video Releasing Sunday, April 11th) 

Today is a full rest day and we recommend that you use this time to stretch and recover for the week ahead. With that being said, we wanted to provide you with a little motivation and introduce the theme of the week for incentives and prizes. We can't wait to see all of your hard work in week 2! 

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