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Week 2 is starting off strong with another strength workout! This is a great workout to feel strong and accomplished going into the week. Toya is taking us through the modifications here, but we want to challenge everyone to follow Juice on as many exercises as you can. If you are more advanced, feel free to add weights or resistance bands to take it up a notch. As we said, this week is all about nutrition and recovery. For a prize entry, let us know how you recovered from this workout- whether that's a post workout smoothie, or a nice cool down stretch after. We wish all of you a successful Week 2! 🔥






(Video Dropping Sunday, 4/11 at 12pm)

Today's workout is a BRAND NEW 30 minute HIIT workout! With this workout, we'll be getting the heart rate up while working the full body. This HIIT workout is also low impact---meaning no jumping and it's apartment friendly! This workout is split into 3 different levels that progressively get harder as the workout goes on so feel free to increase the intensity or drop to a lower level when needed.


 For a prize entry, let us know your nutritional wins for the day. For example,  a new recipe you tried, a healthy dinner you cooked, etc! Nutrition is a very important part of reaching our health and fitness goals, and remember that small daily steps can lead to big changes!





(Workout dropping Tuesday 4/13)

Today, we are getting the heart rate up with a BRAND NEW 20 minute cardio workout! We'll be working the full body with this workout, so be prepared to break a sweat. 

Speaking of sweat, we can't forget the importance of hydration! When breaking a sweat, especially after an intense workout like this, it's important to properly replenish the fluids that you lost. Today, we want to give you a goal of drinking at least 100 ounces of water. Let us know if you hit this goal- or how you're trying to implement hydration as part of your recovery!  



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For day 4, we are slowing things down a bit after a tough 3 days by taking you through a full body stretch to recover from all of your hard work. This stretch will open up both the lower and upper body. Feel free to repeat this, or pause the video and hold the stretches a little longer when needed.  Under the video, comment and let us know what your favorite stretch was, and how you're feeling halfway through week 2!  



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Click the image above for a video explanation. 

If you joined us for our last 4 week challenge, you know we had to bring it back The 100 Rep Challenge! For this workout, you will pick 2 exercises from all 4 categories and do 100 reps of each. Do as many reps as you can at a time until you reach 100 reps. These are all bodyweight exercises but feel free to use weights or bands if you want a little extra resistance. Comment and share which exercises you picked and how you did! Comment under our YouTube community post or on our @onebodyla Instagram page.  (Use our 100 rep challenge video from 2019 as a reference)If you aren't sure what some of the exercises are, a quick Google search will do the trick 😉.

Lower Body

Squats/Front Lunges (50 each side)/Side Lunges (50 each side)/Reverse Lunges/Split Squats (50 each side)/Single Leg RDL (50 each side)/ Sumo Squats

Upper Body

Pushups (On knees if needed)/Plank Up Downs/ Plank Reach/ Floor Dips /Bench Dips (If you have a box, bench, or stairs), pull-ups, chin ups.


Sit Ups/Crunches /V-Ups/Tuck Crunches/Side Plank Crunches (50 each side), Leg Raises, 


Burpees/ Mountain Climbers (100 each leg)/ Lateral Bounds (50 each side) /Jumping Jacks/ Bicycle Crunches (100 each leg)/ Flutter Kicks (100 each leg)





After yesterday’s 100 rep challenge, we all need to get some blood flowing to reduce any tension or soreness. Today, we want to encourage you to have an active recovery day. You can choose to follow Toya with this low impact HIIT workout OR this would also be a good day for a long walk, yoga session or even a low intensity bike ride. Let us know what you chose to do for your active recovery day, and how you’re feeling after yesterday’s 100 rep workout! 



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(Video available APRIL 18)

Congratulations on making it through week 2! We are officially halfway through the challenge, and you should be extremely proud of yourself. But, we are not slowing down here. Use today as a rest and recovery day, because we are taking things up a notch for week 3. Today, we encourage you to try a new recipe, or make a nutritional meal that will help you recover from this tough week 2. We can't wait to see all of your continued hard work this week.  

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