JAN 18

We're kicking off Week 2 with a new 30 minute, full body HIIT workout! Let's start the week off strong and challenge yourself to push a little harder than you did last week. If you have been following Toya throughout the workouts for modifications, see if you can choose one or two exercises to follow Juice for as long as you can with this workout! Drop a comment under the video and let us know how you pushed yourself compared to last week!



JAN 19

For today's workout, we are revisiting the 20 minute strength workout. If you have access to weights- see if you can add a pair of light weights to this workout for a little added resistance. If you don't have weights- see if you can push yourself to get in a few more reps on each exercise than you did last week. You can follow up this workout with a full body stretch.  Again, push yourself to do the advanced variations where you can. Let us know how your workout went!


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JAN 20

Today, we are getting the heart rate up with one of our favorite HIIT workouts! This 20 minute HIIT workout will have you breaking a sweat in no time! If you need modifications for the exercises, feel free to follow Toya but, don't be afraid to start off with the advanced movements. You can always fall back to the regressions when needed! 

If you want a longer duration workout- it's only right that we also offer Toya's Booty workout for hump day! If you have weights or bands, feel free to add them to this workout for more resistance.


Be sure to drop a note and let us know how your workout(s) go!



JAN 21

For day 4, we're giving the upper body and lower body muscles a break and focusing on the core with this 10 minute core workout! Following this workout, we'd like for you to complete this full body stretch to recover from all of your hard work so far this week! Leave us a comment under the core workout to let us know if your abs are on fire!  



JAN 22

If you joined us for our last 4 week challenge, you know we had to bring it back- The 100 Rep Challenge! For this workout, you will pick 2 exercises from all 3 categories and do 100 reps of each. Do as many reps as you can at a time until you reach 100 reps (see video for reference). These are all body weight exercises but feel free to use weights or bands if you want a little extra resistance. Comment and let us know which exercises you picked and how you did!

Lower Body

Squats/Lunges/Side Lunges/Step Ups (If you have a box, bench, or stairs)/Glute Bridges

Upper Body

Pushups (On knees if needed)/Plank Up Downs/ Plank Shoulder Taps/ Bench Dips (If you have a box, bench, or stairs) 


Sit-Ups/Jackknifes/ Tuck Crunches/Side Plank Dips (50 each side)/Bicycle Crunches


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JAN 23

After yesterday's 100 rep workout, we are all in need of a nice stretch! Complete this stretch for a second round if you need it! Comment under this video and let us know how you're feeling after the 100 rep challenge! 

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JAN 24

(Video available Jan 24)

Congratulations on making it through week 2! We are officially halfway through the challenge, and you should be extremely proud of yourself. But, we are not slowing down here. Use today as a rest and recovery day, because we are taking things up a notch for week 3. We can't wait to see all of your continued hard work this week.  

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