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Welcome WEEK 4, you made it! 

We are kicking this week off with two workouts. For the first workout, we are revisiting our 20 minute bodyweight strength workout. If you have been challenging yourself to do the advanced version, try to add any form of resistance where you can. This can be dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, water jugs, etc. For a prize entry, we want you to let us know how you progressed in this workout from Week 2! 

Following the strength workout, we are going to fire up the abs a little bit more with our 20 minute core workout. In this workout, we want you to try to follow Juice for as many exercises as you can. However, you can always follow Toya if you need any modifications. 

We're wishing you a successful last week of the challenge. FINISH STRONG!





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Today, we are giving you the option between two different HIIT workouts. If you want to take it up a notch with a more advanced workout, you can choose to do the 25 minute plyometric workout. However, if you need a more modified HIIT workout, you can also choose to do the 30 minute HIIT workout. 

Both of these workouts will definitely elevate the heart rate and work up a sweat. Let us know in the comments how you pushed yourself through either of these workouts! 

If you're feeling like a beast and have the time today, feel free to do both workouts 🙃






Happy Hump Day! We are halfway through week 4. Keep pushing, you got this! 

Today, we have two workouts for you again. We are going to take a break from the strength based movements and get your body moving with some cardio. For the first workout, we are starting off with a 15 minute full body cardio workout. Juice will be leading us through the advanced version, but feel free to follow Toya for any modifications. Next up, we have a brand new workout for you--- something we like to call "Core-dio". With this workout, we will fire up the core while still getting the heart rate up. With two cardio workouts, you'll likely break a sweat and it's important to replenish your body with fluids. We've covered the importance of hydration in week 2 so let us know in the comments if you've been trying to keep up with your 100 ounces of water a day. If it's been a struggle, we challenge you to reach that goal again today!






In the weeks prior, we have used Thursdays as a stretching and recovery day. For today's recovery, we have given you the option of two low impact workouts to choose from to get some blood flowing to keep the body active. In the first workout, Toya is leading us through a 20 minute workout. If you have a little more in you- you can also choose to do the 30 minute workout where Juice is leading us through the advanced workout, while Toya is showing us some modifications. We do want to stress the importance of recovery, so if you're feeling too fatigued, this is also a great day to do some of the previous stretches from weeks 1-3 as well. If you opted for one of the workouts, you can also incorporate the stretches after the workout. 

Let us know what you chose to do for recovery today, and we will see you all tomorrow for our last Friday challenge!



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Click the image above for a video explanation. 


Welcome to the last Friday Challenge! Today, we are giving you a drop set workout. For this workout, you will choose two exercises from EACH list below- for a total of 6 exercises. For an advanced workout, you will start your reps at 15, and for a more modified workout, you will start your reps at 10. For the workout, you will do 15 reps (or 10) of each of the six exercises. Then, you will do 14 reps of each exercise, then 13... etc. until you get to 1 rep of each. 

If you'd like to take the workout up a notch, you can add weights or bands to the exercises as well. Use our drop set video as a reference and comment under the video which exercises you chose to do and how your workout went!

Exercise List:

Lower Body:

-Drop Squats

-Lunges (each side is one rep)

-Jump Squats 

-Single Leg Deadlift (each side is one rep)

-Step Ups (each side is one rep)

-Glute Bridges

Upper Body 

-Push Ups

-Bench or Floor Dips 

-Plank Up Downs

-Renegade Row 


-Decline Push Ups


-Sit Ups

-Leg Raises


-Russian Twist (each side is one rep)


-Tuck Crunches

If you aren't sure what some of the exercises are, a quick Google search will do the trick 😉.





Today is a FULL rest day. By this point you may be pretty fatigued and need some sort of regeneration to help you recover from a week of intense training. We highly recommend that you spend 20-30 minutes doing some stretching, yoga, or any low intensity movement that will help you reduce any tension or soreness. We are EXTREMELY proud of you for making it to this point and you should be just a proud of yourself. There is only one more day left until the challenge is complete and that is the LIVE workout with us! 

Get some rest today and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow for a fun, interactive workout with everyone who was a part of this 4-week program. Also, if you have submitted progress photos for one of the "best results" prizes, please send us your ending photos TODAY (by 5pm PST) to be eligible to win. We will announce all of the Week 4 winners following the live workout tomorrow.

We hope you have an amazing Saturday!


MAY 2 @ 9:00AM PST


The Grand Finale. The Live Workout!

Today, we will take you through a 30 minute high intensity bodyweight workout. We sent an email out on Friday that contains a Zoom link to the live workout. If for any reason you didn't receive the link, check your spam folder or email us ( for access. This workout is for challenge sign ups ONLY. Remember to stick around until the end because we will be announcing all of the prize winners! 


If you're not able to make it to the live workout, no worries! We will record the workout so that you're able to still do it at a later time. We will send another email with a private link to the workout which will be posted on our YouTube channel.

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