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 We're so proud of you for grinding through Week 1! You've shown what it takes to build consistency and it's important to build on that momentum moving forward. With that being said, this week's theme: "FOOD IS FUEL". No matter how good your workouts are, your nutrition is extremely important when it comes to reaching your goals. This week, we will provide you with a daily focus to ensure that your nutrition is on point. If you are following along with us on the app, we will be sharing our daily meals and dropping new recipes every day of the week!

Below, we have linked some resources that will help you manage throughout the week. You can also follow our social pages to stay updated with the challenge and pop-up news!

Active Warm-Up: 10 Minute Full Body Pre-Workout Stretch/Warm-Up Routine

Learn About Your Food: Macronutrients 101 

Reference Nutritious Meals: What I Eat in a Day // A Day in The Life With Juice

Log & Share Your Experience Using This: Weekly/Daily Social Log

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We're kicking off Day 1 with this Drop Set Dumbbell Strength Workout! Today, we're going to challenge you to use weights that are slightly heavier than what you're used to (If you have them). With this drop set, we are going to train our bodies to work under a higher resistance and then, decrease the resistance as we flow through the set. The purpose of this workout is for you to get acclimated to heavier weights and it's a solid way to build overall strength. If you need a finisher for this workout, we've included a quick Ab circuit for you!

Food Is Fuel!

Like we mentioned, this week is all about having the proper nutrition to fuel our workouts. Today we challenge you to eat nutrient-rich meals to supplement your training. With that, try your best to avoid excess processed foods, sodium, oils, and sugars. These are the "silent" ingredients that could affect your progress more than you think. We hope you have a solid Week 2 and be sure to share your meals with us!

Bodyweight Alternative20 Minute Full Body Strength Workout (No Equipment/No Repeat)

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We're kicking off Day 2 with this brand new Full Body Dumbbell Strength Workout! Hopefully you've gotten a good feel of the workflow from week 1 because we're going to turn it up a notch with this one! Be sure to do the warm up and cool down to make sure you're recovering properly. 

Water Challenge:

We challenge you to drink AT LEAST half your bodyweight(lbs) in ounces. [For example: Juice weighs 190lbs so his goal is to drink at least 95oz of water daily]

Bodyweight Alternative25 Minute Full Body Strength Workout [No Equipment]

Unfortunately, we have been experiencing some technical difficulties with uploading our brand new strength workout (Day2). We have postponed it's release until Tuesday morning (PST). We recommend doing the Day 3 workout in place of Day 2. We apologize for any inconvenience and will update you once the video has successfully published!


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Today, we're going to drop the weights and have some fun with this Cardio-HIIT Workout! This session will get your heart rate up, burn some fat, and work up a quick sweat. We have modifications in this workout so that most people can comfortably do this. If you're more advanced, we challenge you to either do this for a 2nd round, or throw in a finisher for some extra work! 🔥

Water Challenge:

There is a good chance that you're going to break a solid sweat today, so make sure you're staying hydrated, getting in enough protein, and eating balanced nutrients. We challenge you to match or exceed the amount of water you drank the day before and keep those healthy meals going!


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We're going to keep the heat on high with this Dumbbell HIIT Workout! This workout is a bit more advanced, so we recommend using lighter weights if you have them. Go as hard as you can for each interval and be sure to stretch before and after your training.


Today, we challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and make a nutritious meal that you've never tried before. This could be one of our recipes, or something that you've been wanting to try for a while. Hopefully you enjoy that meal, and make it into something that you can add to your weekly meal prep! Doing this often will help you build on your healthy lifestyle.🔥 

Bodyweight Alternative30 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout (Low Impact/No Equipment)

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If you've followed our challenge before, you know it's not a Juice & Toya program without the 100 Rep Challenge! For this workout, you will pick 2 exercises from all 4 categories and do 100 reps of each. Do as many reps as you can at a time until you reach 100 reps, and then move on to the next exercise. These are mostly dumbbell exercises but feel free to do the movements with your bodyweight if you don't have any form of resistance to use. Be sure to share which exercises you picked and how you did! Comment under our YouTube community post or on our Facebook community group. If you aren't sure what some of the exercises are, a quick Google search will do the trick 😉.

We recommend using light to moderate weights: [Juice uses 25lbs/Toya uses 15lbs]




Front Lunges (50 each side)

Side Lunges (50 each side)

Reverse Lunges

Split Squats (50 each side)

Single Leg RDL (50 each side)

Sumo Squats

DB Glute Bridges


Pushups (On knees if needed)

Plank Up Downs

Floor Chest Press

Bent Over Rows

Floor Dips /Bench Dips (If you have a box, bench, or stairs),

Shoulder Presses

Hammer Curls

French Press

CORE/ABS (No Dumbbells)

Sit Ups



Tuck Crunches

Leg Raises


Standing Crunches

Penguin Taps



 Mountain Climbers (100 each leg)

 Lateral Bounds (50 each side)

Jumping Jacks

Bicycle Crunches (100 each leg)

Flutter Kicks (100 each leg)

High Knees (100 each leg)

Squat Jumps

Scissor Jumps (100 Each Leg)

How the Challenge Works: THE 100 REP CHALLENGE (2019)

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10 Rep Challenge.jpg




At this point, you're probably toasted from that 100 rep challenge, so we're going to take you through a stretch that's A LOT more than what the thumbnail says. This is a full body stretch that helps relieve any soreness, tightness, or tension from all over your body. We figured this would be a great cool down to such a loaded week of work! Following this stretch, get some well needed rest so that you're all prepped fro Week 3!

In the youtube community post or in our Facebook group, let us know what you did to get your food on track this week and how you're going to improve next week!

Congrats, you're officially halfway to the finish line! 🏁

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