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You have officially made it to the final week of the challenge! We are so proud of all your hard work up to this point and we can't wait to see you FINISH STRONG; Our theme for the week. This week is all about putting the consistency, nutrition, and recovery together for a quality week of training. Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to do more than you have in any other week!

We will follow a similar training structure as week 3, except we will finish this week with a live workout! We will email information about the live workout on Wednesday 1/26. Below, we have linked some resources that will help you manage through week 3. You can also follow our social pages to stay updated with the challenge and pop-up news!

Active Warm-Up: 10 Minute Full Body Pre-Workout Stretch/Warm-Up Routine

Upper Body Stretch: 15 Minute Upper Body Stretch Routine [Chest/Shoulders/Back & More]

Lower Body Stretch: 10 Minute Lower Body Stretch Routine (For Tight Hamstrings & Hip Flexors)

Finish ANY Workout With This: 10 Minute Full Body Finisher Workout [Advanced HIIT]

Log & Share Your Experience Using This: Weekly/Daily Social Log

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We're kicking off this final week with a lower body & abs day, starting with one of our favorite lower body workouts. Once you're finished, you will move on to 'Booty & Abs". If you are already warm going into the second video, you can skip the warm up and get right to the workout. 

Today will set the tone for the rest of the week, so let us know how you pushed yourself to be better today. This can be in the form of increasing resistance, tempo, or repeating for extra rounds. Push yourself but remember to train smart and listen to your body. 

We hope you have a great Week 4! 🔥 

Bodyweight Alternative25 Minute At Home Glute/Butt Workout | NO EQUIPMENT

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Today we're going to let your legs recover and focus on attacking this upper body day! We have split the upper body into muscle groups and we will work each for 10 minutes. Challenge yourself to either match or exceed our pace for every exercise. If you need to cool down afterwards, be sure  to complete the upper body stretch at any time throughout the day. Let us know how your upper body is feeling after todays's training! 🔥 

Bodyweight Alternative15 Minute Tempo HIIT Workout (Full Body/No Equipment/No Repeat)

Part 2: 10 Minute Push-Up Progression Workout [Beginner Strength Training]


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For our final cardio workout of the challenge, we're coming with a brand new Cardio-HIIT Workout! This session will have a mixture of cardio, HIIT, and strength based movements to really fire up the full body. Challenge yourself to follow each of the advanced exercises but you can always fall back to the modifications when needed. 

Be sure to stay hydrated and follow up this workout with a good recovery session.

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Today we're going to take some time to move through some active recovery. This workout is meant for you to get some blood flow and help reduce any soreness you may be experiencing. Feel free to add any other forms of recovery to help your body regenerate as we head into the final Friday challenge. Prep your body to finish the last few days strong! 💪 




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Welcome to the final FRIDAY CHALLENGE! This workout might look a little familiar and that's because we crushed it back in week 1. We want to bring this workout back to show just how much you have improved since the very beginning. Hopefully you remember how many sets you did in Week 1 because we are challenging you to beat that number in today's workout. If you need to make modifications, feel free to customize this workout and make it your own. We're excited to see how much you've improved so let us know how you did today!

We're looking forward to seeing you tomorrow during the live workout! 🔥 


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Today is the day where we will all come together and celebrate the end of this challenge with a live workout! We will take you through a 30 minute high intensity workout that will help you feel motivated and accomplished. Following the workout, we will announce all of our final winners, give you tips on how to continue your journey, and answer any questions you may have. We will email the information about how to access this workout on Wednesday 1/26.

We can't wait to see you all there! 

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