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Congrats, you're officially halfway through the challenge! We're so proud of your hard work up to this point and can't wait to see how well you work through the next two weeks. By now you may be seeing/feeling some changes, noticing some soreness, and experience fatigue. That's expected and it's also an indicator of all the hard work you've put in. With that being said, this week's theme is all about the importance of RECOVERY. This is extremely important for getting the most out of every session, which in turn, helps you reach your goals more efficiently. We will be giving you different focuses throughout the week to ensure you are recovering properly. 

This week, we are switching up the program by splitting days into upper and lower muscle groups. This will give your body more variation which is key to getting better every week. Below, we have linked some resources that will help you manage through week 3. You can also follow our social pages to stay updated with the challenge and pop-up news!

Active Warm-Up: 10 Minute Full Body Pre-Workout Stretch/Warm-Up Routine

Upper Body Stretch: 15 Minute Upper Body Stretch Routine [Chest/Shoulders/Back & More]

Lower Body Stretch: 10 Minute Lower Body Stretch Routine (For Tight Hamstrings & Hip Flexors)

Lower Back Stretch: 15 Minute Lower Back Stretch (For Pain + Tension Relief)

Log & Share Your Experience Using This: Weekly/Daily Social Log

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We're kicking off Day 1 with a lower body day, starting with one of our newest lower body workouts. Once you're finished, you will move on to 8 minute abs. If you want more out of either workout, feel free to add weight or do the session for extra rounds. 


Like we mentioned, this week is all about having the proper recovery to manage your body over time. Today, we recommend doing a lower body stretch to follow up with your training. This will help make sure you're free of any major tension or soreness in the coming days. Feel free to pause, and hold any stretches in areas that might need more attention. Let us know how you feel afterwards 🔥 

Bodyweight Alternative20 Minute Full Body Strength Workout (No Equipment)

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Yesterday we attacked the legs, now its time to fire up the arms! First we're starting off with one of our favorite upper body workouts on our channel. We will follow that with "Arms & Abs" to get in some core work as well. As always, add weight and sets to make it difficult, and follow the modifications to make it easier.


By the end of these sessions, your arms should be pretty fired up, so we're going to make time today to get in a good stretch. Complete the upper body stretch at any time throughout the day and let us know how you're feeling afterwards 🔥 

Bodyweight Alternative30 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout (Low Impact/No Equipment)


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IT'S HUMPDAY, which means we're going to drop the weights and get in some cardio training. 🔥 Join us on the beach for some strength-based cardio that will break a sweat and get the heart rate up! Try your best to follow Juice throughout the workout, but definitely follow the modifications if it is too difficult, or if you have any limitations. If you have some "Juice" left in the tank, feel free to hit the finisher button below 😉 


Today is YOUR day to pick how you prefer to recover. You're welcome to use any of our guided stretches, or feel free to do any of the following: 

- 10-15 Minute Walk

- Yoga 

- Massage Treatment

- Hot/Cold Tub 

- Meditation 

- Other

Let us know how you chose to recover today!


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We're going to hit the ground running with a 10 minute lightweight workout and then simmer down with our brand new active recovery workout! The goal of today is to get the body moving with light resistance, reduce soreness, and prep for the Friday Challenge! Once you're finished, be sure to let us know how you're feeling going into day 5! 🔥 

Bodyweight Alternative15 Minute Tempo HIIT Workout (Full Body/No Equipment/No Repeat)

[Recovery Workout Video Releases 1/19 6AM PST]


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Welcome to our first ever pyramid challenge! The purpose of this challenge is to work through a series of exercises to reach the highest level that you can in 30 minutes. You will chose 2 exercises from each category below to make a workout that has a total of 8 exercises. You will start by doing 1 rep of each exercise (level 1) and once you're done, go on to two reps each exercise (level 2). You will continue on this pattern to reach the highest level possible in a 30 minute time period (use a countdown timer). Most of the exercises below are with weights, but you're more than welcome to do this bodyweight. Be sure to make a note of how many levels you got up to and let us know how well you did! If you aren't sure what some of the exercises are, a quick Google search will do the trick 😉.

We recommend using light to moderate weights: [Juice uses 25lbs/Toya uses 15lbs]


Front Squats

Front Loaded Deadlifts

Split Squats  (each side)

Sumo Squats

Single Leg Deadlift (each side)

Goblet Squat

Loaded Single Leg Glute Bridge 


Pushups (On knees if needed)

Tricep Pushups

Floor Chest Press

Bent Over Rows

Supinated Curls

Wide Shoulder Press

Skull Crushers 

Supermans (bodyweight)

CORE/ABS (No Dumbbells)

Russian Twist (Each Side)


Straight Leg Sit-Ups


Tuck Crunches

Side Plank Crunches (Or Modified)

Toe Touches

Deadbugs (Each side)

CARDIO (No Dumbbells)


 Jumping Jacks 

 Squat Jacks


Jumping Lunges

Skater Jumps 

Seal Jacks 

Hand + Shoulder Tap (Each Side)



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You've made an amazing run this week and deserve a much needed recovery day. We recommend taking the day off to do something relaxing and regenerative. If you need any ideas, take any from the list provided in day 3. Have a restful weekend and let us know how you're feeling going into the final week! 🔥 

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