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Please leave your comments/entries for each day under the YouTube community post, and not the actual video. It helps to see everyone's comments in one place. Thank you! 




Full Body Strength Workout Releases 8/8 @3pm PST


Welcome to WEEK 2 of the 4-Week Fit Challenge! We're kicking off this week with some full body strength training. 



This is a BRAND NEW bodyweight strength workout that is also focused on time under tension (TUT) to maximize muscle engagement for each exercise. Challenge yourself to do the advanced version but you can always regress to the modification when you need to. 


This 20 minute dumbbell workout is all about building full body strength and conditioning. It has similar movement patterns as last week's workouts, so challenge yourself to do the advanced variation as much as you can. Also, you can challenge yourself by increasing the weight of your dumbbells, especially for exercises that you are confident in.



You're always welcome to repeat these workouts if you would like more difficulty or a longer training duration. We feel confident that you will maintain the consistency from week 1 but this week's theme is all about nutrition and hydration. Throughout the week, we want you to focus on water consumption (at least 75oz/day) and balanced meals that will supplement you training. Include more lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and try to limit fatty, salty and overly processed foods. For a prize entry, give yourself a goal of how you're going to get better with your nutrition and hydration this week. Comment in the community post or tag us on IG!

Let's start Week 2 with a BANG 🔥

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(The Drop Set Workout Releases 8/9 @5pm PST) -Upload Delay


Today we are going to pick up the intensity with a few HIIT workouts!


If you're following the bodyweight program, Toya is going to lead us through a 30 minute HIIT workout that will challenge your overall strength and conditioning. Start with each advanced version and drop to the modification when needed. 


If you're following the dumbbell program, we think you're going to have some fun with this BRAND NEW full body drop set workout. In this workout, we will be doing intervals where we'll start heavy and gradually decrease the resistance with each exercise. This is great for building strength, endurance and of course....burning a lot of calories! 


Give it your all today and really push yourself to be better than last week. Comment how you did during your workout and what your post workout meal is. We recommend something high in protein along with a side of something nutrient rich. For example, one of Toya's go-to post workout snacks is a protein smoothie bowl. See here: 


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Let's drop the strength training today for some more cardio work! 


We're going to get in a quick sweat with this 20 minute full body cardio workout! The goal of this is to keep the body moving the entire time with the included active rests. If you feel yourself getting winded or find that your form is off, take a rest and pick back up when you can. After this cardio flow, we're going to finish with some "core-dio" to fire up the abs! 


We have 30+ minutes of cardio which means it's very likely that you're going to sweat. Your goal today is to drink AT LEAST 75 ounces of water to replenish what you lost. Tag us on Instagram or drop a comment on Day 3 of the YouTube community post to show/share how you're going to stay hydrated today! 


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That was a solid 3 days of work, but let's take some time to heal and recover. 


This daily stretch routine is one of our favorite recovery stretches to do when our bodies are banged up from intense training. This stretch will help release and relieve tension in all the right places. If you need to hold a particular stretch, simply pause the video and pick up with it when you're ready. This is all about getting your body prepped to crush the next day of work. For a prize entry, comment what you're doing to get ready for the WEEK 2 Friday challenge! 

Note: Keep up with that 75+ ounces of water per day!


If you're familiar with our 4 week challenges, you know we have to bring back The 100 Rep Challenge!

[Click above for a video explanation.]


For this workout, you will pick 2 exercises from all 4 categories and do 100 reps of each. Do as many reps as you can at a time until you reach 100 reps, and then move on to the next exercise. These are all bodyweight exercises but feel free to use weights or bands if you want some extra resistance. Comment and share which exercises you picked and how you did! Comment under our YouTube community post or on our @onebodyla Instagram page.  (Use our 100 rep challenge video from 2019 as a reference)If you aren't sure what some of the exercises are, a quick Google search will do the trick 😉.

Lower Body

Squats/Front Lunges (50 each side)/Side Lunges (50 each side)/Reverse Lunges/Split Squats (50 each side)/Single Leg RDL (50 each side)/ Sumo Squats

Upper Body

Pushups (On knees if needed)/Plank Up Downs/ Plank Reach/ Floor Dips /Bench Dips (If you have a box, bench, or stairs), pull-ups, chin ups.


Sit Ups/Crunches /V-Ups/Tuck Crunches/Side Dips (50 each side), Leg Raises, Russian Twists (50 each side), 


Burpees/ Mountain Climbers (100 each leg)/ Lateral Bounds (50 each side) /Jumping Jacks/ Bicycle Crunches (100 each leg)/ Flutter Kicks (100 each leg), High Knees (100 each leg), 



After yesterday’s 100 rep challenge, we all need to get some blood flowing to reduce any tension or soreness. Today, we want to encourage you to have an active recovery day. You can choose to follow Toya with this low impact HIIT workout OR this would also be a good day for a long walk, yoga session or even a low intensity bike ride. Let us know what you chose to do for your active recovery day, and how you’re feeling after yesterday’s 100 rep workout! 


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(Week 2  Intro Video Releasing Sunday, Aug 15th @ 9am)

Congrats! You have officially made it halfway through the 4-week challenge! You have worked so hard to get to this point and it's all down hill from here. Take this well deserved rest day to prep for all of the fun that WEEK 3 holds!