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Welcome to WEEK 3 of the 4-Week Fit Challenge! Let's turn up the heat with some full body strength training!



We're back with another bodyweight strength focused on time under tension and iso holds. Really challenge yourself to do ALL of the advanced variations in this workout. By now you should notice some improvements in your strength from WEEK 1. You're always welcome to challenge yourself by adding any kind of weights or resistance. After you finish this workout, you will finish the session with 8 Minute Abs!


This 30 minute dumbbell workout is one of our more advanced routines but definitely doable for beginners. Challenge yourself by going faster or using heavier weights than what you're used to. Once you crush this workout, you have the option of finishing your session with 8 Minute Abs!



This week is all about the importance of RECOVERY! The workouts are where we break the body down, and our recovery determines how much we progress from our training. Sufficient recovery can be in the form of stretching, foam rolling, massages, mobility exercises, staying hydrated, and eating nutritious foods. We have demanded a lot from our bodies the last 2 weeks, and our bodies would appreciate some extra love. For a prize entry, comment or tag how you're going to focus on your recovery this week!. 

This is THE MOST important week of the challenge. Let's build more momentum starting today 🔥




(The Dumbbell HIIT Workout Releases 8/16 @5am PST)

It's time to turn it up a notch with some HIIT!


If you're following the bodyweight program, Juice is going to lead us through a 30 minute HIIT workout that is strength based with some high intensity intervals. Do as many of the advanced movements as you can and follow Toya for modifications when needed. 


If you're following the dumbbell program, we think you're going to crush this BRAND NEW Dumbbell HIIT Workout that will work up a sweat in no time. Don't go too heavy with weights, but challenge yourself where you can. Fall back to the modifications when you need them. 


Be confident in the strength and endurance that you've built the last few weeks. This is only 30 minutes of work, so give it your all with each interval. You're welcome to repeat or do both workouts for a longer duration but regardless, make sure you stretch before and after. For a prize entry, comment/tag which body part(s) you will need to stretch after the workout(s). 



Cardio Workout Releasing Tuesday @ 4:30pm PST


This may be one of the most fun cardio workouts that we've created for you! Join us for a Cardio-HIIT workout that will take your endurance to the next level. Follow Juice for the advanced exercises or follow Toya for a modified, lower impact variation. Have fun with this one!


It's safe to assume that you will sweat, so let's keep up with that water intake from Week 2! Hydration is a major component to recovery so make sure you're fueling your body properly today. For a prize entry, comment/tag how much water you plan to drink today. 


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Today is the Ultimate Recovery Day.


We're going to take some time to give each muscle group some attention today. First we'll start with an Upper Body Stretch and end with a Lower Body focused stretch. Some parts of your body may be more restricted than others, so feel free to pause the video and hold the stretch for as long as you need. For a prize entry, let us know what your favorite stretch was form each of the videos. 

Note: To get ready for tomorrow's challenge, be sure to eat nutritious meals and stay hydrated!


The Drop Set Challenge is Back!

[See above for a video explanation from our last challenge]


For this workout, choose a program, pick 2 exercises from all 3 categories and do drops sets for each movement. You will start by doing 15 reps of each of the exercises you picked. Once you finish that set, you will continue on by doing 14 reps of each exercise. Then 13, 12, 11, 10....all the way down to 1 rep of each. If you're more of a beginner, you can modify this by starting at 10 reps. If you're doing the dumbbell version, be sure to start with moderate sized weights. The purpose of this workout is to do it as fast as you possibly can. For a prize entry, be sure to comment what exercises you chose and time how long it took you to finish the workout. If you aren't sure what any of the exercises are, a quick Google search will do the trick 😉


Bodyweight Exercises

Lower Body

Squats/Front Lunges (each side)/Side Lunges (each side)/Reverse Lunges (each side)/Split Squats (each side)/Single Leg Sumo Squats, Glute Bridges

Upper Body

Pushups (On knees if needed)/Plank Up Downs/ Floor Dips /Bench Dips (If you have a box, bench, or stairs), pull-ups, chin ups/Tricep Pushups


Sit Ups/Crunches /V-Ups/Tuck Crunches/Leg Raises/Plank Pike Jumps/Jackknife/Russian Twists (each side)

Dumbbell Exercises

Lower Body DB

Front Squats/Goblet Squats/Drop Squats/Deadlifts/Front Lunges (each leg)/ Reverse Lunges (each leg)/Bulgarian Split Squats (each leg)

Upper Body DB

Chest Press/Shoulder Press/Bent Over Rows/Hammer Curls/French Press/Tricep Kickbacks/Dumbbell Deficit Pushup

Core/Abs- Using 1 DB

Loaded Sit Ups/Loaded Crunches/Jackknife/ Renegade Row/Pull Through/ Overhead Sit-up/ Overhead Crunch/ Russian Twist (each side) 

AUG 21


After yesterday’s drop set challenge, there's a good chance that we're a little sore or tense. Today, we want to encourage you to do this active recovery workout or any low impact activity that will help your body recover. This would be a good day for a long walk, yoga session or a low intensity bike ride. Let us know what you chose to do for your active recovery day, and how you’re feeling going into the final week!


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(Week 4 Intro Video Releasing Sunday, Aug 22nd @ 9am)

We're here--you made it to the final week of the 4-week challenge! You came this far so let's focus on finishing strong. We're so proud of how far you've come, and we can't wait to see you during the live workout 1 week from today!