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Please leave your comments/entries for each day under the YouTube community post, and not the actual video. It helps to see everyone's comments in one place. Thank you! 



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It's Week 4, the FINAL week! Let's finish this challenge strong starting today 🔥


We're back again with our newest Full Body Strength Workout but we want to challenge you to do all of the advanced exercises this time around. If you begin to struggle, stop and pick back up where you can. If you're more advanced, feel free to add resistance or double up with this workout. Afterwards, we are going to pick up the intensity a finish strong with this 10 minute core burnout! 


We're starting off this week with a 45 Minute Dumbbell Workout! Many of these movements are similar to those  we've done throughout the last 3 weeks, so we challenge you to do the advanced exercises and/or use heavier weights. Also try to match or exceed our pace throughout the workout. 


This week's theme is all about getting out of your comfort zone! We have been practicing this throughout the challenge so now's the time to be even more confident in your progress up to this point. This is the week to put all of the pieces together: Be consistent, focus on your nutrition and hydration, and use the info that we gave you to recover properly in between sessions.The finish line is in sight, so we want you to kick it into another gear this week. Let us know what workout(s) you did for the day and how you plan to get out of your comfort zone this week!

Let's gooooooooooooooo! 🔥


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It's time to turn it up a notch with some HIIT!


If you're following the bodyweight program, we are going to take you through a 30 Minute Low Impact HIIT Workout. But don't be fooled, low impact doesn't mean low intensity 😉. This workout is broken up into 3 levels, so challenge yourself to get through all 3. If you need any modifications, feel free to fall back to level 1 or 2. 


If you're following the dumbbell program, we're starting off with a lower body HIIT workout! Challenge yourself to do the advanced exercises but you can fall back to the modifications if it's too difficult, or if you need a lower impact variation. Afterwards, we will fire up the upper body and the abs with some high intensity dumbbell arms and abs! 


No matter what workout you decide to do, give it your all and try your hardest with each exercise. If you have any limitations and physically can't do a particular exercise, do what you can to keep your body moving during that time. For a prize entry, we challenge you to do 15-20+ minutes of ADDITIONAL low-impact activity today. This could be equivalent to anything you would do on an active rest day (walk, jog, bike, swim, yoga, etc.) For a prize entry, let us know what you did for your "extra work" today! 



Core-dio Workout Releasing Monday @ 5pm PST



We're back with our last and final cardio workout of the challenge. We will start with a fun 15 minute full body cardio workout. Afterwards, we will burnout the abs with a 20 Minute BRAND NEW "Core-Dio" Workout! 



We're going to get the heart rate up, fire up the abs, and work up a sweat, so don't forget to get your water in today 😉. For a prize entry, we challenge you to drink half of your bodyweight (lbs.) in ounces of water today (75oz minimum). At the of the day, post or comment if you were able to reach your goal. If you didn't, no worries, it's the effort that counts! 


Lower Back Stretch .jpeg

Kids Workout Releasing Wednesday @4pm PST


Today is of course, active recovery day. We are taking you through a full body stretch that helps to relieve any lower back pain or tension. This is also a great full body stretch in general that everyone can benefit from. As an option for active recovery day, we have included something special for those of you with kids that love to join in! This is a 15 minute strength/hiit workout that is suitable for kids to do as well. We brought in Toya's special guests of to help lead the way. 

For a prize entry, let us know how you feel after either of these active recovery videos!


PLyo HITI.jpeg

This is the last Friday "challenge" to have fun with! 


If you're following the bodyweight program, we are going to take you through a 25 Minute Plyo HIIT Workout. This is where you put all of your strength and conditioning gains to the test! This is an advanced, high impact workout but Toya is providing a lower impact modification if you need it.


If you're following the dumbbell program, we're going to finish with our favorite dumbbell workout of ALL TIME. Instead of guiding you, we're going to workout with you! This 30 Minute AMRAP is fun, and our favorite way to get out of our comfort zone every week. We will lead the way but we encourage you to do this at a pace that works for you. We recommend writing down the exercises so that you can do the workout smoothly.


No matter what workout you choose to do, today is the day to give everything you have left in the tank. If there was a day to get our of your comfort zone, this is the one. For a prize entry, let us know how you challenged yourself during the plyo workout, or let us know how many sets you did during the dumbbell AMRPAP!






Today is what we call Self-Care Saturday. We are going use this rest day to do any activity that rewards your body for all of the hard work it has done the last 4 weeks. Use today to pamper yourself with activities like meditation, yoga, haircut, spa treatment (massage/nails/facial/etc.), a long nap, or even a fun time with friends and family. Let this serve as a celebration for all of the progress you've made. We are very interested to see how you take care of yourself today, so don't forget to comment or tag us! 



The Live Workout With Juice & Toya!

We're going to celebrate the end of this challenge Juice & Toya style with a fun 30 minute full body workout! This workout will be full of great energy, especially along with the community of people that experienced the challenge with you. You can do this workout at home, the gym, outdoors, or anywhere you have space to move. Following the workout, we will announce all of the week 4 prize winners, which include: the 4 best results prizes, the random drawing, and the pop up prize winners! We will conduct a poll on the Youtube community page (Sunday, August 22nd) to decide a time of the day that works for most of us. If for any reason you cant join, we will will also record the workout and email a private link for you to do it at a later time. We will send out a master email with all of this information on Monday, August 23rd. 

We hope to see you there!




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If you missed the news, we are dropping the Juice & Toya

Fitness App soon! If you have enjoyed the challenge, we wanted to provide you with a way to continue your fitness journey with us. This app will provide you with more detailed workouts and programs that will help you to see and feel progress in your fitness every week. We will still provide free YouTube workouts, but the app will have exclusive content which include: training programs, workout challenges, food & recipes, follow along workouts, and so much more! Sign up below to be notified for updates and the official launch date. Your first month with us is only $1 and will be $15/month afterwards. This is well worth the investment because we now have the opportunity to connect with you exclusively to make sure you're on the right track. We have worked very hard on this and can't wait for you all to be a part of this community!