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We're officially at the halfway point of the Summer Ready Challenge! You've put your body through some serious work the past 2 weeks, and you may be feeling some soreness and fatigue. This is something that we anticipated up to this point which is why this week's theme is all about RECOVERY. When at rest, your body is regenerating from the physical stress from training and using the fuel that you eat to supplement the process. Even though you may be consistent with your workouts and your nutrition is on point, recovery is where the actual change takes place. In most cases, how you perform during each session is a good indicator of how well your body is recovering. If you feel like you're not recovering properly, use the tips below to help speed up the process. 


SLEEP:  We HIGHLY recommend aiming for 7-9 hours of sleep every night to ensure that your body has enough time to regenerate from each day of work. 

STRETCH & MOBILIZE: Intense workouts can put a good amount of stress on your body which can ultimately cause tension and tightness. Be sure to stretch daily; before and after your workouts so that your body is feeling its best at all times. 

PROTEIN INTAKE: Protein is important for rebuilding and recovering your muscles after being broken down with each training session. Not consuming enough protein can lead to severe soreness, aching, fatigue, and lack of energy. Check out this video on protein to understand how much you should be consuming and how it will help your body recover.

STAY ACTIVE: For many people, the workout is the only activity that you're doing until you're stagnant most of the day. Challenge yourself to do the little things to move your body throughout the day. This can be in the form of taking the stairs instead of the elevator, standing up for at least 5-10 minutes every hour, or going on a walk daily to reach those step goals. Adding in small amounts of activity (aside from your workout) can make huge difference in your daily output and calorie expenditure.

DRINK MORE WATER: Your body is made up of about 60% water, and it's vital for your energy levels and performance from day to day. We recommend aiming to drink your body weight (lbs) in ounces for optimal hydration.  [EXAMPLE: Toya is about 120lbs, so she aims to drink 120 ounces of water daily.]

Be sure to follow us on social media (@Juiceandtoya, @OneBodyLA), join our Facebook community, and stay active in our YouTube community group for all updates and news about week 3. You can also trial our Juice & Toya App FREE  for 1 week if you want even more like nutrition guides and recipes to help you throughout this program.


We can't wait to see how you crush this week! 



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