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Welcome to the OBLA X Juice & Toya Anniversary Challenge! We have a lot in store for you and we cant wait to see how you're able to transform over the next 4 weeks! Each week, we will present a theme that gives you a primary focus so that you're able to build healthier habits in a sustainable way. We hope that you're able to learn and take inspiration from each week so that you can carry this lifestyle on with you beyond this 4-week journey with us. 

With that being said, this week's theme is all about CONSISTENCY! Whether you've done our challenges before or not, know that consistency is the most important aspect of reaching any fitness goal. Starting today, we want you to commit to these next 4 weeks, and take advantage of each opportunity that you have to reach your goal. We are providing you with the program, so all you have to do is show up and give it your all. To get started , swipe over to the next slides to see the program for the week. Be sure to stay locked in with our social media pages, Facebook group and your email for any pop up information along the way!

Have a strong and CONSISTENT Week 1!

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