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Congratulations on being CONSISTENT and completing Week 1! We encourage you to keep that same energy as we transition into a new week full of opportunities to get better. The Week 2 theme is all about understanding the importance of healthy food choices and staying hydrated on a daily basis. Both are important in making sure your body is functioning, performing, and recovering at a high level. 

Achieving great results means putting as much work into your diet as you do with your workouts. This week, we recommend focusing on eating more nutrient dense foods and limiting any high fat, sugar, or processed foods. Additionally we recommend drinking AT LEAST half of your bodyweight (lbs) in ounces of water.


Juice weighs about 190lbs, so he would aim to drink a minimum of about 95oz of water per day.

Once you pair a consistent training program with a sustainable diet, you're going to start unlocking the benefits of making a complete lifestyle change. If you would like more insight about how we incorporate foods throughout the week, check out the recipes and nutrition information that we have on the Juice & Toya app. We will be sharing tips, recipes and the meals that we're eating throughout the day.


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