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Congrats, you're officially halfway through the challenge! We're so proud of your hard work up to this point and can't wait to see how well you push through the final two weeks. By now you may be seeing/feeling some changes, noticing some soreness, and experience fatigue. That's expected and it's also a big indication of all the hard work you've put in. With that being said, this week's theme is all about the importance of RECOVERY. This is extremely important for getting the most out of every session, which in turn, helps you reach your goals more efficiently. We will be giving you some helpful videos throughout the week to ensure your recovery is on point.

This week, focus on putting more energy into how you prep before the workout and how you recover afterwards. Continue those healthy eating patterns to ensure your body has the fuel and nutrients to regenerate. Also, getting optimal sleep on a daily basis (7-9 hours) will give your body time to rebound from each day of training. Once you put all of these pieces of recovery together, you will give your body the best chance to transform AND reduce the risk of injury.

Engage with us this week by sharing how you're recovering after each day of training. Also, challenge yourself to complete any of the workouts for multiple rounds if you have extra fuel in the tank. In case you were wondering, we are still checking out all of your comments so continue to engage with us daily this week. 

Swipe left to see the schedule for week 3. Keep up the hard work!

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